About Ella Plant

Hello and welcome to Ella Plant Originals.  I established my business in 2011.  I am the sole designer and creator and work out of my home studio in Ottawa, Canada.

I started designing as a child, creating clothes for my paper dolls.  This eventually led to designing and creating clothes for real women.  As my family grew I decided that my creative outlets required something on a smaller scale.  After taking a few jewellery making classes I was hooked.

I can't say that one particular thing inspires me.  There is inspiration all around.  I do know that I love to incorporate either silver, copper, or brass into my designs.  And I prefer a more eclectic and bold approach in my creating.  My style is forever evolving.  Recently, I was introduced to polymer clay and am looking forward to experimenting.

I create one of a kind designs and small batch collections.

My Sustainability Practices

As already mentioned, my inspiration comes from many sources, and as a creative soul, I have to follow those inspirational calls.  However, as much as possible, I try to create with sustainability in mind.

Some components in my pieces are made from recycled metals (sterling silver wire) or materials.  I will re-use beads and components from pieces given to me, collected over the years, or earlier creations that I was not satisfied with.  Any new metals, components or supplies that are required are purchased through Canadian suppliers whenever possible.  This is reflected in my prices.  Less expensive materials can be purchased elsewhere, but as a Canadian, I believe in supporting other Canadians.  

Some of my jewellery is made using polymer clay, which I absolutely love working with.  However, polymer clay is a plastic, composed of polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and liquid plasticizers.  For this reason, I have taken steps to ensure that I use polymer clay in the most sustainable manner possible.  No clay goes to waste.  All scraps are used to create new colours for future projects or used as the base for earrings, pendants, or beads.  

I hope that my jewellery has a long life in your collection, and are re-gifted, donated or taken to a second hand store rather than end up in the landfill.

The packaging used by Ella Plant Originals is degradable or recycled where possible.  My earring cards are made of recycled card stock and double as my business card.  I try to avoid using jewellery boxes for packaging.  My pieces come to you wrapped in tissue and reused ribbon or degradable cord.  The bubble wrap is re-used from my orders from suppliers.  

It's important to  me to uphold sustainable business practices where possible and still feed my creative soul.